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MTS Cover

More Than Scuttlebutt

Since her father was one of the original NCDU Men, Sue Ann Dunford spent years researching records through the Navy and other official archives to document the more than 4,000 men who belonged to the demolition personnel in the context of many of the amphibious operations. She was joined in this endeavor in 2004 by James Douglas O'Dell, who authored The Water is Never Cold in 2000.

This book is the culmination of years of work. There are over 500 photos in the 597 page book ( 8.5" x 11"). to take you through the history of the WWII Navy Demolition Men. It weighs in at 3 lbs and 12.5 ounces, which explains the shipping charges.

Read the Preface and Foreword in pdf right now by clicking here

From co-author James Douglas O'Dell, a new perspective on capabilities in Naval Special Warfare. Shaking the "family tree."

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